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Ellie Davidson
Board Member and Mentor

Ellie joined the Armadale chapter of AC in 2021. She’d always dreamed of starting something similar if she won the lottery and had the time and focus to do it. Then she spied a mentor profile on the Armadale Council Facebook page and realised that the precise organisation that she wanted to create existed already! She is so pleased to be involved and wants more people to get on board so that we can support more kids.

Ellie has a B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD in geology and a diploma in leadership. She has worked in WA’s iron ore mining industry since 2006

Ellie Teague.png

as a Mine Geologist, Project Geologist, Hydrogeologist and Metallurgist, in both technical and leadership roles. Ellie grew up with disadvantage herself, and credits much of her career achievements and positive life experiences to her education - she loved learning when she was young, and it has set her in good stead.


She wants something similar for the kids in her community, but recognises that formal educational qualifications aren’t everything. Learning how to problem solve in a safe and supportive environment can be the springboard for great things - this can look like improved confidence and self esteem, caring for others, community involvement, apprenticeships, meaningful employment and stability. We’re all good at different things, and  Achievers Club is a great place for kids from diverse backgrounds to learn valuable life skills and thrive.

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