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Madeleine Ninkov
Board Member

Who am I?


Hi all! My name is Maddie and I have been involved with the Club since February 2016. In addition to being a board member and mentor, I am essentially the administrator for the Club.


Where do I come from?


I am from Perth. A few years after finishing high school and starting university, I spent a gap year in Brisbane, before moving to Melbourne where I worked and studied for 5 years.  I moved back to Perth at the beginning of 2016 - and that's when I became involved with the Achievers Club.


What do I do?


The end goal is to become a lawyer. I have a Bachelor of Environments degree (towards Architecture) from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Laws from Deakin University. In 2019 will be a Judge's Associate at the Supreme Court of Western Australia. 


What else do I do?


Aside from helping out the Achievers Club, I love to read and go to the beach. I am also trying to learn French. To help, I am reading and watching the Harry Potter's en français!

Why did I start mentoring at the Achievers Club?


At the age of 23 while I was living (away from home) in Melbourne, I suffered a life-threatening illness.  There's nothing quite like lying in ICU to make you feel grateful for the opportunities you have had, currently have, and will have in the future.  I decided that I wanted to actively participate in the wider community for the benefit of others.


I came home to Perth and, after researching a few different volunteer opportunities, I was put in touch with (now President) Danny McEvoy - who is an absolute angel and deserves an award, a medal, or a statue, for all the amazing work he does (you may be able to prevent me from crediting you elsewhere Danny, but not here :-) 


What do I think about it?


It's 2018 and I am into my 3rd year of mentoring.  I still drive away lighter, happier and more motivated every time we've finished a session. 


At the time of writing, the student I work with just bounded in, brimming with pride and SO excited to tell me that she was now top of her class in maths and had won the times tables competition!


It is beautiful and so rewarding to see how much their motivation and confidence improves during their time with us. Plus, I just have so much fun with them all! Maths and spelling doesn't have to be boring if you work as a team towards their goals, and all of the kids are such a delight.


Quite simply, the Achievers Club is a significant part of my life and often the best part of my week.

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