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Noosheen Maghami
Board Member and Mentor

Hi everyone! My name is Noosheen and I’m a board member and mentor at the Achiever’s Club. I’ve been mentoring at the Achievers Club since April 2021.

I’m a lawyer currently working in the finance industry. As a child of immigrants, I have been given opportunities that others in my home wouldn’t receive. I know how lucky I am to be born in Australia and I’m grateful for the sacrifices my parents have made to give their children a better life. This is why I volunteer at the Achievers Club – to offer the same opportunities I have been given to others in my situation.  

By volunteering at the Achievers Club, we give kids the opportunity to change their future. Our kids get the opportunity to achieve at school and in life and we encourage

Noosheen Maghami #1_edited.jpg

them to chase their dreams. When they start attending, the kids often don’t believe they can achieve their dreams and it is our role to change that. We’re not only tutors, we’re mentors, friends and role models.

The best part about mentoring is seeing the change in our students. When I started attending in April 2021, my mentee was shy, quiet and unsure of what she wanted to do in life. By the last volunteering day of 2021, our mentee wouldn’t stop chatting! Seeing the increase in her confidence and knowing she looks up to us as role models makes it all worth it. Mentoring at the Achievers Club was the best thing I did in 2021 and I’m so glad I joined.

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