Who am I?


Well, a human being. A human being born in England, moved to Australia at a young age with family, and now (almost) an 'adult', wondering what life will bring me next. 


What do I do?

I am a university student, almost at the end of my Arts degree in English (finishing June 2018!), and this group has helped me learn a lot about myself and the possibilites that exist in the future for myself. Coming from a migrant background, and understanding the difficulty in moving to a whole new country and culture has channeled a lot of my passion into learning about people's stories. I hope one day I can make positive differences to marginalised communities (however naive that may sound). 

Why I joined the Achievers Club


When I first heard about this group, it sounded amazing because it provides educational support to school students from a background of difficulty, through no fault of their own. I can relate, but not on quite the same level because of my own privileges in life. Therefore, I signed up, and have since not looked back. 


Things I have enjoyed so far

I have loved working with all the different students, appreciating all their uniqueness and talent. They have helped me realise that kids can be alright to be around, and I hope I have taught them a few words of wisdom that they will carry through life.