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Become a Mentor


Our volunteers come from all walks of life, ranging from university students, professional people and retirees. They each share a deep respect for children and a belief in the power of education to make a difference. Whatever their background, all our volunteers believe in education as a pathway to self-determination and that every child deserves to be given the opportunity and support to shine. 

Our volunteers are also prepared and able to commit to regular attendance. We run every weekend during school term time, and think it is important that a student works with people who are visibly committed to them personally. It also allows us to better track their progress over a school term or year.  We definitely understand that is a big commitment so we have a volunteer roster and opportunities for 'job sharing' whereby two mentors will support one student and each mentor will attend on a fortnightly basis. We try to ensure that our students are directly supported by a maximum of two mentors over the course of a year. 


The generosity of our volunteers is inspiring. They travel from all over Perth and, although needing to meet their own day-to-day study/work/family commitments, they still give their Saturday mornings so freely.  


We believe that one of the best things about our program is that it is SO easy to start volunteering, and so easy to continue. Volunteers are given the opportunity to work at a level of Maths and English they feel comfortable with and are matched with a student accordingly. The students are great and the Saturday mornings generally fly by with some games thrown in!  It will be two truly rewarding hours of your time, where you'll have the opportunity to help grow a student's belief in their own abilities.

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