Parental support is essential. They are the ones who initially sought to place their child in the program, and they are the ones who must ensure that their child (or, in most cases, children) attends regularly.


This requires a significant parental commitment to provide transport on a Saturday morning. Often, they will drive for an hour to get to the Club, wait for two hours, and then drive their children home again.


The partnership between parent and mentor is also critical in reinforcing their child's learning and development, because we rely on them to ensure that the children arrive on Saturday morning having had breakfast and enough sleep. 

Mentors also work with parents on developing study timetables, monitoring their homework and the use of modern technology for things other than study. They also discuss issues such the impact of good diet and sleep on a child's performance in school and at the Club. 


Finally, these children understand that their parents have, in most cases, come from turmoil in their home country and never had the opportunity to receive an education. For them, seeing their parents' strong belief and support in the program, and in themselves, is a motivational factor.