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The partnership between mentors and teachers is critical to our success. We rely on teachers to provide advice as to which areas we need to focus on (often these will be Maths and English) and to provide information as to the student's curriculum for the year. This advice is then used to help the student set some goals for their time at the Achievers Club and these goals are reviewed at the end of the year as a measure of how far the student has come.

Teachers also provide feedback on the student's progress throughout the school year. This helps mentors understand what is working and what is not. Above all, the student sees that the teacher and mentor are working closely together to achieve their educational goals with them. In many cases, the mentor support also helps the parent to become more confident in their communication with the teacher.

"You do some amazing work and it is so lovely that you also contribute to help raise inspirational young people to academically excel. Please continue to do the amazing job that you do, as many people need it."

--- Teacher at Joseph Banks Secondary College

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