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What We Do

The Achievers Club is a charity that provides free educational support to selected students from low socio economic backgrounds who are experiencing learning and/or adjustment difficulties.


Our volunteers provide one to one weekly out of school mentoring and tuition with the aim of building self-confidence, trust and a sense of achievement in the students' personal and educational lives.

We believe all children and young people should have the opportunity to reach their potential.

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Student Learning Mathematics

Our Mission

To work directly with students from low socio-economic backgrounds to educate, inspire and empower them to set and achieve their academic goals.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Our Vision

Our students will confidently approach their schooling and move towards adulthood better equipped to reach their potential.

Teacher Helping Student

Our Values





Danny McEvoy, President and Chapter Coordinator
"... Helping to build this organisation into a sustainable, effective and caring Club is very exciting... Our Board and Mentors are outstanding people who are determined to provide our students with support and guidance to be the best people and students they can be. What we are doing today will provide these great kids with tools they can take into the rest of their lives.
I can't think of a better way to spend part of one’s retirement and Saturday mornings than working with outstandingly generous, talented people and special kids who are prepared to work hard to improve their school grades."

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Our Five Essentials

Our 5 Essentials






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