Who am I?


Hi, my name is Dave. I am married to a wonderful woman and have two wonderful adult children - a son with a severe intellectual disability and a daughter who is a physiotherapist. I am now retired.


Where do I come from?

I was raised mainly by my single mum in a state house in New Zealand and couldn't afford to go to university. However, through my life I have worked hard and gained a lot through practical achievement to attain a reasonable knowledge base.

What do I do?


In my working life I was a Quantity Surveyor and then for 25 years a Contracts Specialist, mostly with a local oil and gas company.

What else do I do?

I am now retired from the workforce but not from life!  I have been involved for many years with groups supporting disability in the community and am currently Chairman of a group that provides accommodation for people with disabilities.


Why did I start mentoring at the Achievers Club?


When I retired I wanted to give back to my community to make it a better place to live, but I wanted to do something different away from the disability sector.


As a senior person, I felt I had learnt a lot in my time that I wanted to pass on to the younger generation. My research led me to the Achievers Club where I could use my acquired knowledge to mentor young people needing guidance.

What do I think about it?


I have now been with the Achievers Club for nearly a year and have found it to be a challenging and worthwhile way to achieve my own goals whilst helping others to achieve theirs.