Hey there, I'm Ray, a happy and successful business lawyer.

But it wasn't easy getting to where I am now. I grew up as the single child of a single mum in Armadale. My mum was on a disability pension. We were so poor that when my shoes got old, I had to tape them up with duct tape. There was no way we could afford a computer, which made doing assignments pretty difficult - I would have to go to the school library every day after school to type my assignments.

When I was 15 years old, after finishing Year 10, despite receiving an award for being top student, I chose to drop out of school to look for work because I could not afford a computer to type my assignments on, or a graphics calculator, necessary for Year 11 maths. 

After changing jobs a couple of times, I ended up working as an Accounts Clerk for a small law firm in the city. One of the lawyers there encouraged me to study accounting. I still needed to work full-time to earn money (to financially support myself and my mum), so I studied at night. I studied at TAFE at nights part-time for 3½ years before finishing a Diploma of Accounting. In the meantime, I had started doing Paralegal work for the law firm. On finishing my Diploma, I became the Office Manager and Book-keeper of that firm. I then decided to go to university.

I studied degrees in Law and Accounting part-time while continuing to work full-time (becacuse I still needed to earn money). It took me 7 years to finish my qualifications to become a lawyer. That was nearly 6 years ago. I am now a business lawyer. I help all sorts of people. What I like doing most is helping people that have been ripped off to get their money back.


I am not poor anymore. I enjoy what I do. When I was young, I never could have guessed that this is where I would be in the future.  And now I want to help others that are struggling through school, so that, like me, they can go on to Achieve their dreams.