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Rudi Gracias

It was a no-brainer being invited to join the Board of Achievers Club WA Inc. as Honorary Treasurer in September 2022. While there are many compelling reasons for joining, the most important being the enthusiasm and sheer commitment to the organisation by our President and Founder Danny McEvoy.

Like many of us who now call Australia home, I arrived as orphan migrant in Perth with my young sister, uncle, and aunt (our guardians) in 1970. The first few years were challenging as any new migrant family would have experienced as I was the sole wage earner in the family.

My adopted parents stressed the importance of giving back to community as much as my time and financial resources permitted.

Screenshot 2023-04-18 084834.png

I completed my tertiary studies and received my first career break in 1973 (aged 20) by joining
Channel Seven Perth as Assistant Accountant. My career at Channel Seven was as interesting and
diverse as any young accountant could wish. I was assisted by having invaluable input from mentors
within and outside Channel Seven.


I’ve had the opportunity of working in television, radio, cinema and film production, venue
management concert tours, with well-known international and national entertainers, touring
overseas and Australia in finance and management roles.

My career with Channel Seven (or more correctly TVW Enterprises Ltd) spanned almost 36 years and
covered several corporate changes. Throughout this period, I had been involved with the iconic
charity - Channel Seven Telethon Trust. From working in an extra-curricular capacity to leading the
Telethon fulltime as General Manager, Secretary and Trustee (2007-2009), I’ve witnessed the growth
of the charity and the expansive list of contributing donors and beneficiaries assisted by Telethon.

I have served on the Board of Telethon Speech and Hearing (2004-2014) as Secretary and received
Life Member status for my contribution to this organisation.

My association with NFP’s commenced around the time of joining Channel Seven. I was requested to
assist a fledgling charity (Civil Rehabilitation Council) now known as Outcare. My association lasted
several years during which the organisation grew exponentially and I had to withdraw owing to my
work and travel commitments.

In the past few years, I have been engaged in management consultancy, public sector (financial and
general management roles) in the Arts and Culture and Energy Policy areas. I am currently
transitioning to retirement!!

I am looking forward to serving the Board, members and our young clientele by drawing on my
experience in corporate, not-for- profit and public service organisations.

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