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Congratulations Hassan!

I am so happy to write about the journey of Hassan Ahmed which I think is inspirational. Hassan was on our waitlist for approximately 3 years before we were able to invite him into our program. I will always remember the telephone conversation we had when I had the pleasure of calling him to advise him that we had a vacancy for him. The excitement in his voice was as if I had told him he had won the lotto! He thanked me so much and excitedly told me how grateful he was to the Club and that he was prepared to work hard to get the results he needed. The following day I woke up to an email from Hassan informing me that he couldn’t sleep overnight and that I had changed his life. I thought this was a huge statement given he hadn’t even been to one session!


We had two fantastic mentors: Emily Robson (Electrical Engineer) and Aaron Dominish (Chartered
Accountant) waiting for Hassan. Emily and Aaron quickly saw how driven Hassan was, which inspired
them to go over and above to help him achieve his goal of studying at UWA. They also gave him
advice about how to study at a higher level. Whilst Hassan’s year 11 results didn’t give Emily, Aaron,
or me confidence that he would reach his goal, he proved us wrong. He is such a driven young man,
he not only works very hard, he reads autobiographies and biographies of successful people so that
he can learn what they have done to be successful. All Hassan needed was some extra academic
guidance and confirmation of his ability to succeed, he would do the rest.

Once Hassan achieved his goal and received an offer in his preferred course (Computer Data) he
decided that he had the time to do a double degree, and enrolled in Management as well. He did
well at university, including earning distinctions and higher distinctions.
Living in Wanneroo, he used public transport to get to and from UWA throughout his four years at
university, as well as having two part-time jobs for most of that time, and being a big support to his
mother and siblings…he is one of 8 children.

Hassan is not only an inspiration to everyone who knows him, he has made the Achievers Club proud
of what he has achieved. Hassan’s life has indeed changed since that first telephone conversation we
shared, and Emily and Aaron played an important role in his success, however, only one person
changed his life and that is Hassan Ahmed.

To be invited to share his graduation day was one of the biggest privileges I have been given by
anyone. I will never forget the proud smile he had on his face when we first saw each other.
Knowing how hard he has worked to achieve his goal made me so very proud of him. I look forward
to being a proud observer of Hassan’s future development and successes.

Danny McEvoy

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