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Thank You Hannah

Huge congratulations to Hannah, one of our amazing Achievers Club mentors, for winning the Stars of CAHS Consumer Award for the 3rd quarter of 2023! This award, sponsored by the Perth Children's Hospital Foundation, recognises Hannah's incredible dedication to supporting young people in our community. We are so grateful for her passion and commitment to making a difference. Thank you, Hannah, for being a shining star for The Achievers Club!

Here is Hannah's wonderful nomination:

“Hannah treated me with so much compassion as a tired and emotional parent of a 7 week old baby and she really excelled in her advice for my sons slow weight gain. Her thought out, well explained, specific and actionable advice is reflected in my sons positive rapid weight gain. Her advice and ongoing support post discharge has improved my mental health, encouraged me to continue with our breastfeeding journey and has given us a more settled and healthy child. Hannah listened to my concerns and wishes and took my sons symptoms into account to tailor her advice.

We originally attended PCH as my child had a fever. The doctors at PCH monitored and assessed him and luckily it was nothing serious. The best thing the discharging doctors did was refer us to Hannah for a dietetics review before we left. Hannah has truly been a shining light in the rollercoaster ride of having a newborn and she has provided me with a clear way forward. Thank you Hannah.”

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